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I was born in Kyoto, Japan.
I grew up in a very traditional environment. My parents were engaged in making a traditional textile called Obi. Obi is a long, broad sash tied around the waist over a Japanese Kimono. There were many kinds of colorful silk thread to weave Obi in my house and this influenced my artistic sense.

My interest in painting increased as I grew up. I studied oil and acrylic painting at Kyoto University of Education. After graduation from university I taught fine art in public schools for ten years.

I have been interested in abstraction rather than realistic painting in recent years.
Watermedia, such as watercolor and acrylic, is best suited for me to express my subjects more freely. I would like to share my vision with as many people as possible.

Exhibition & Awards

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Utah Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition (UT)
2008 Utah watercolor Society Juried Exhibition / Award of Excellence (UT)
2008 Arizona Watercolor Association / Merchant Award (AZ)
2008 National Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition CA)

2009 Online Juried Exhibition in Caladan Gallery (MA)
2015 National Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition (CA)
2015 International Society of Experimental Artists Juried Exhibition (MI)
2016 Spokane Watercolor Society Annual Juried Show (WA)
2016 5thAnnual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art (TX)
2016 City Lights gallery Juried Exhibition (NV) / Honorable Mention       
2017 City Lights Gallery Juried Exhibition (NV)
2017 Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts (NY)
2017 California Art League, International Open Show Exhibition (CA)
2017 Brownsville Museum of Fine Art 45th International Art Show (TX)
2017 CWA National Open Juried Show (CT)

2017 32nd Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition (UT)
2017 Women's Woks 30th Anniversary Show (IL)
2017 International Watermedia, Pikes Peak Watercolor Society (CO)
2017 87th Annual National Open Juried Exhibition (CT)
2017 33rd National Juried Show by NSA (TX)
2017 Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, winter/spring (NY)
2017 International Juried Exhibition, The Center for Contemporary Art (NJ)
2018 23rd Arts in harmoney Annual International Show ( MN )
2018 Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, Winter Show (NY )
2018 Tubac Center of the Arts, Shock of the New West (AZ)
2018 The Egg Show, ArtVale Gallery (CA)
2018 National Greely Art Exhibition (CO)
2018 Browns Museum of Fine Art, 46th International Art Show (TX)

2018 CAL's International Open Show (CA)

E-mail / setsukoyoshida853@gmail.com

P.O.BOX 521376